Double Crust Chocolate Cream Pie

Double Crust Chocolate Cream Pie

The value of family and tradition come together with the entertaining text and the vibrant illustrations of this heartwarming story. Emma is, once again, with her favorite fluffy friends. This time, they are visiting her Nana and Papa. The book begins outdoors in the yard. Emma’s friends are hiding among the plants and flowers that are a part of Nana’s beautiful garden. Can you help Emma find her friends? The story, then, moves into the house. Each friend has a favorite place to spend their time, inside the house. Can you guess where that might be? Even Emma has a special room that she loves best. For parents and grandparents reading the story, it may be familiar and a reminder of their own childhood. It may be a reflection of a parent or grandparent today. It is a reminder of the importance of family and traditions. A grand bedtime or anytime story. An educational story for preschool, elementary and libraries. Great early reader for summer reading or during the school year for AR reading. So, just what is a double crust chocolate cream pie? Read now to find out!

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  1. Hello Mrs. Tomlin! I know how it looks to leave a comment like this, but I could not find an email on the website. Basically I work with Frederator Books and I’ve been tasked with finding small/independent publishers and authors to see if they would be interested in getting their work featured on various subscription based children’s ebook platforms like Epic, Farfaria, etc. From what I can see your work looks really great and I’d love for your books to receive even further exposure!

    My email is attached, as is our website so you can see that we are a legitimate organization (our parent company, Frederator Studios, has been a staple of the animation industry for a long time) and that this is a legitimate offer! Thank you for your time!

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