I Do Not Like Bugs!

I Do Not Like Bugs!

This is the third story in the “My Truly Most Favorite Fluffy Friend” series. In this story, bugs are extremely scary to Emma.  As with the first two stories, she has her friends to help assist her and comfort her during the story.  In this book she and her friends have a close encounter with a bug.  Is the bug dangerous or is it simply disgusting? Find out what happens to Emma and her friends.  How do her friends help her?  What does Emma discover?

Read this fun and beautifully illustrated story with your two to eight year old child.  Even a child as young as two will enjoy the bright and colorful pictures and the cute stuffed animal characters. There is  a puppy, a kitten, a bear, a seal, a monkey, and a bunny.  They are all adorable.

This is a cute and funny story.  It is a wonderful story for you to read to your child.  Children who are learning to read may enjoy sharing the story with their own stuffed animal friend.  Research indicates that reading to a stuffed animal friend may help encourage young children to read.

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